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Label Label baby toys

Label Label sustainable toys, sweet, hip and attractive. Toys with an educational and decorative value and with attention to our living environment now and the one in which our children will grow up.

Label Label sustainable toys made from FSC wood

If you choose wooden toys, you choose sustainability and especially nature. That is why Label Label's trendy wooden toys have chosen FSC wood. Thanks to the use of FSC-certified wood, they immediately think of the future for our little ones.
“Forests are invaluable and that is precisely why sustainable forest management is one of the solutions to protect and preserve forests worldwide, and this is what FSC is all about!”

About Label Label

Label Label became known in 2005 with its label cloths and in 2019 broke new ground in a completely new house style, tailored to what today's parents consider important. Trendy colours, environmentally conscious choice of materials, sustainability... With this 'mindset', Label Label was reborn at the end of 2019 and we are launching a sustainable collection of wooden toys in the first phase

You will find a wide range of Label Label Toys at PSikhouvanjou. Cool stacking towers, wooden blocks and the highway . Are you looking for a specific Label Label product or do you have a question? Then please contact us.