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Do you already know the hair ties from Kknekki? Rubber bands in all colors, with and without glitter that also look nice on your wrist. Choose your favorite set or mix and match your favorite colors and turn your Kknekki hair elastic into the most beautiful accessory.

Kknekki hair elastics in all colors

Shop online the most beautiful Kknekki rubber bands with glitter, velvet in the most beautiful colors: pastel, beige, sand and black, your favorite colors are certainly there!

The Kknekki hair elastics are gentle on your hair, water resistant and do not slacken or fray. As a result, they remain beautiful and flexible for longer than ordinary hair elastics and they survive every swim, even in salty sea water and the sun. Each hair elastic is made of 60 threads, which makes the hair elastic very soft for your hair and prevents hair breakage .

Do you want to wear your hair down? Then wear your Kknekki elastic around your wrist as a bracelet. Give a kknekki as a gift perfect for a birthday and to style any outfit.

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From 35 euros your Kknekki shipping is free , the shipping costs € 4.95 will then automatically be deducted as a discount in the shopping cart. This only applies to the Kknekki hair elastics and not in combination with other articles.