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Hevea teat 100% natural - plastic is passè, natural is now!

The colored teats from HEVEA are the very first teats that are both 100% plastic free (no BPA, PVC or phthalten) and coloured. The teats are completely vegetable, made of 100% natural rubber FDA approved color pigments. The teat feels soft and is gentle on baby's sensitive skin and teeth, yet very resistant to biting.
Easy to clean and super hygienic due to the seamless design. Good for your baby and good for the planet!

The Danish design teat is available with a convex teat and an orthodontic teat.
The teat has a recess at the nose and chin for extra comfort. The relatively large shield is designed to gently touch your baby's nose and gives the same safe feeling that the baby experiences during breastfeeding. During breastfeeding, the baby's nose also touches the breast.
The rubber shield of the teat is soft with several ventilation holes that prevent the teat from being vacuumed.

The teat is made of 100% natural rubber and as your baby sucks, the shape of the teat will change, the ball can get bigger and the teat longer.
Use a HEVEA pacifier for 6-8 weeks and then order a new pacifier that matches the age of your baby. NB! you cannot compare a used pacifier in terms of size with a new and unused pacifier.

Before using Hevea teat, sterilize the teat with boiling water. Prepare a container, fill it with boiled water and immerse the teat for a few minutes, then let it dry.

  • Heat and sunlight affect the color and quality of the rubber of the teat, which can weaken and dry out, causing small cracks. ALWAYS check the pacifier for cracks and breaks before use.
  • A pacifier is resistant to biting but not a substitute for a teething ring. With teeth coming through, it is better to opt for a teething toy. Remove the pacifier after falling asleep through a teething toy.
  • A rubber teat can discolour over time, but this does not affect the quality of the teat.
  • By using the same teat for too long, it can become sticky, which is a signal that the teat needs to be replaced.