Dekornik wall stickers and wallpaper

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Dekornik wall stickers and wallpaper

The wall stickers from Dekornik are the most beautiful wall stickers for baby room and children's room. The most beautiful animals from the jungle and the sea, in an instant on the wall. With these wall stickers you have a real real catcher in the room, above the chest of drawers or by the bed.
Dekornik also makes beautiful exclusive wallpaper made of durable paper, matte and white so that every color comes into its own.

Dekornik wall stickers

Dekornik is the most recognizable brand of Polish paper wallpaper and wall stickers. Dekornik gains recognition in the Polish market and the projects appear in prestigious magazines. They make wall stickers that make you say you are real eye catchers for the baby and children's room that immediately show your own style. The wall stickers are available in different sizes

Order Dekornik wallpaper

Yes, that's possible! First order a sample of the Dekornik wallpaper you want. Would you like to order a roll of wallpaper? Mail us the desired number of rolls. After receipt of payment, the wallpaper will be delivered in +/- 3 weeks, wallpaper made to order cannot be returned.

The Dekornik wallpaper is made of durable paper, matte and white so that every color comes into its own. You attach the wallpaper to the wall with wallpaper glue (not included), make sure the surface is clean.
The wallpaper comes in a roll of 100 cm wide and 280 cm high. The report of the wallpaper is 100 cm.

The origin of Dekornik

Polish Kasia and friend Maciek visit Paris in 2009. Their romantic escapade becomes the start of a business idea. Kasia is fascinated by the beautiful decorations in Montmartre's small French boutiques. After arriving in Poland, she decides to create a brand that will implement this charming French design in Polish apartments.

Kasia graphic designer designs all articles from that moment on and Maciek is responsible for the production. In 2014, Paulina Młoda joins the team and revolutionizes the way the company operates. Together with Kasia, they decide to do only what gives them the most pleasure, namely ... decorating the children's rooms.

From 2014, Dekornik focuses entirely on children's rooms and only designs stickers and wallpaper for the little ones. This is also the time when they start collaborations with other graphic designers whose work they appreciate, such as Kasia Goraj Stróżyńska, Magda Nowakowska, Ewa Najwojczyk.

Dekornik's head office is located in the charming and green corner in the center of Warsaw. Kasia is the creative force of Dekornik, while Paulina is the master of marketing.