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Color me Kids skin Crayons

Color Me Kids vegan crayons in 12 different skin tones to celebrate the diversity of our rainbow society. The triangular shape of the crayons helps children develop proper pencil grip. 5% of profits are donated to underprivileged children in South Africa.

About the origin of the Color me Kids crayons

Like most things, Color me Kids starts with a need, which is skin color. Kylee always mixed her own paint for skin tones, drawing is a big part of childhood development and creative expression, but kids were limited in how they could express who they are!
We're more than just "peach" or "brown" - the limited colors available in any standard box of crayons or felt-tip pens.

Kylee is a very passionate early childhood teacher, who always felt that children could not accurately represent themselves when it came to artistic expression. As a society, we've worked so hard to get resources that are more representative of people around the world, but we're behind when it comes to the tools we use for our kids in the classroom.

After much research we came across some skin colored crayons available overseas that we couldn't get in South Africa, the options were expensive, not child friendly so Craig and Kylee teamed up with Color me Kids, 12 skin colored crayons that encourages children to celebrate the color of their skin.

The charity of Color me Kids skin crayons

At Color me Kids, they understand the importance of being an ethical, conscious consumer. That's why 5% of the proceeds from the purchase go to education for underprivileged children - every child deserves an education.