What size children's backpack do I need?

I would like to buy a children's backpack, but what size do I need? That is a question that we are often asked, so a question that we are happy to answer.

When determining the right size children's backpack , it is important to answer a number of questions. It is also useful to keep the backpack you have now because you need it to determine the right size and you can, for example, practice with the things you want to take with you in the backpack.

  • What do you bring to school in terms of food and drink?
  • How big is the lunch box you want to take with you?
  • Do you want to take folders with a hard cover?
  • Which size children's backpack is suitable for the toddler
  • school and daycare?

What do you bring to school? And how big is your lunch box?

What does your child bring to school for lunch: a lunch box, drinking bottles and often also a box for fruit. There really is a big difference in sizes when it comes to lunchboxes and lunchboxes, when you buy one BLAFRE lunch box then it takes up quite a bit of space in your bag in the lunch box is high and because of the shape they fill your backpack quickly, so pay close attention to what you want to take with you.

What do you carry in your backpack

To determine whether all items fit in your new backpack, we always recommend measuring your old backpack first, preferably on the inside because then you really measure the space in the children's backpack. Also don't forget to measure the depth of the backpack because a deep backpack fits more!

When your backpack meets the requirements, you can easily search for a similar size backpack, in the shop all backpack sizes are listed. If something is not clear to you, feel free to email us and we will measure a backpack to your liking with all the love and pleasure.

Does an A4 folder fit in the backpack?

If you want to take an A4 folder (size 29.7 x 21 cm) with you, look for a backpack of at least 33 cm by 23 cm wide. If you take a flat A4 folder with you, it will fit in many backpacks, because these folders are flexible and can bend.

If you have a folder with a ring binder, a hard cover or a narrow folder, only a few backpacks are suitable.
We have tested different brands for all children who are looking for a larger backpack that fits their hard A4 folder or music book.

A backpack that fits an A4 folder

An A4 folder flat and soft flexible folders: choose the children's backpacks primary school.

An A4 hard folder, ring binder, order and books that should not bend like a music book then choose Sticky Lemon backpack size L these are really super deep and therefore fit a lot of school supplies and also the size L from Petit Monkey (palm trees, jelly , toucans and the uni with die cut, zinfandel, inca gold, cadmium green and poppy red)

Which size children's backpack is suitable for preschool and daycare?

Is it your first time buying a backpack and are you unsure about the size? Then first measure the items you would like to take with you and look especially at the size of the largest item you want to take with you.
A number of small backpacks have an extra buckle on the chest to prevent the small backpacks from sliding down easily. All children at this age want to do everything themselves, so that extra buckle is just super nice so the backpack stays in place.
Did you know that in Germany this is already mandatory for small backpacks, so all children go to the shelter with this backpack.

A small backpack for toddlers and preschoolers

If you are looking for a children's backpack for the nursery, then all small backpacks are suitable. See if you want the extra chest buckle, then choose a Trixie backpack.

The small rucksacks are also suitable for staying with grandpa & grandma and for your belongings during a holiday.

I am looking for a sturdy children's backpack because I take a lot of stuff to school, which backpack is suitable?

If you always take a lot with you to school or if you are looking for a bag that is just a bit sturdier, we have a few suitable backpacks for you. Backpacks can be heavily packed and especially when you have to cycle a lot or are on the road for longer, you will experience a lot of difference in quality.

When making your choice, pay attention to the following points:

  • Does the backpack have padded shoulder straps?
  • Does the backpack have a sturdy, padded back panel?

Sturdy children's backpack

The backpacks of the new Petit Monkey backpacks size S €37.95 and L €43.95 (capacity 11.5 liters) have sturdy padded shoulder straps that ensure that the backpack is very comfortable to wear.

These backpacks also have a sturdy padded back panel, a handy extra for the large sizes is that there is an extra zipper in the back panel.

The Sticky Lemon backpacks are also all extra sturdy, they have a bottom panel that provides that extra body here. The straps of these backpacks are not padded, this is the largest backpack we sell in terms of content, namely 13 liters.

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