Baby toy rattle

A baby rattle is the first toy your baby can play with, we have them in all kinds: rattle made of wood, cuddly rattles and made of fabric. A rattle with a sound, a bell or a crackle, there is enough choice for every taste.

Rattles are fun to give to a newborn baby because this is really the first toy with which a baby will play, so very suitable as a maternity gift.

Wooden baby rattle

Choose a beautiful wooden rattle, and it can stay in the family for generations. DJECO and Plan Toys have several in their range. Wooden rattles are beautiful and timeless.

Baby rattle 0 months+

There are also rattles in combination with a cuddly toy or a teething ring, so you have two baby toys in one. Done by Deer has super soft rattles in the shape of a giraffe, Konges Slojd also has all kinds of knitted animals super sweet.

Rattle animals

Jellycat has small cuddly toys that hold a teething ring and when you shake the rattle you will hear a subtle bell ring. The ring ensures that your little one can easily hold the rattle and helps to get through the first teeth. They are all suitable for babies from 0 years old.

The soft rattles from Jellycat are immediately suitable from birth. The size and shape of the rattle ensures that your baby can easily grab the rattle. The rattle is packed in a gift box, its body is in the box and its head is sticking out. Very suitable as a small maternity gift.