TRIXIE backpacks and stainless steel drinking bottles

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Trixie backpacks, cases and stainless steel drinking bottles

TRIXIE is a fresh and young brand for the little ones to the big toddlers and slightly older. They are now well known for the animal backpacks made of 100% cotton. The backpack collection has been expanded with two different school cases and stainless steel drinking bottles with drinking spouts.

TRIXIE backpacks

You probably know the TRIXIE backpacks , the collection consists of 16 different animal backpacks . These are the latest additions for 2021: the owl, penguin, koala and mouse. The brown owl, the navy penguin and the mustard yellow koala are really great animal friends to take to school.

The Trixie backpacks are often bought for boys and we understand that, they have chosen really nice and cool animals such as the fox, raccoon, lion, elephant, crocodile and crab. In 2020, 2 new animals joined the funny brown monkey and gray / green dino backpack. For the girls, the flamingo, rabbit and the polar bear backpack remain favorites.

Two sizes of TRIXIE backpacks

The backpacks are available in 2 different models, the basic TRIXIE backpack closes with a zipper along the top, has an extra pocket at the front, a reinforced padded back, 2 padded shoulder straps and an extra closure on the chest. This backpack is suitable for children up to about 8 years old.

The TRIXIE backpack mini is a drawstring bag, with a round bottom and a drawstring at the top. The flap closes with a magnetic closure and the shoulder straps are unpadded. Contrary to its name, the mini is not smaller than the backpack, but clearly different in design.
We also recommend for backpack mini up to about 8 years.

Cotton backpacks, a conscious choice

TRIXIE only uses raw materials that meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1. No harmful substances for your child! The 100% cotton fabric has a water-repellent coating.

Stainless steel drinking bottles 300 and 500 ml

The TRIXIE drinking bottles are a must have when you go out with children. The bottle is made of stainless steel and is therefore the perfect, sustainable alternative to disposable plastic bottles.

The stainless steel material is light, resistant to any blow or impact and does not release toxic substances into the water. The bottles are completely leak-proof. The handy cap is designed so that small hands can easily open and close it. Each bottle is equipped with a string with which you can easily carry the bottle or hang it in a backpack. The stainless steel drinking bottles are available in 300 and 500 ml.