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Oh Dubidu braided pacifier clip in the BiBs pacifier colours

The Oh Dubidu pacifier clips are really beautiful with a BiBs pacifier, the pacifier clip is made of 100% organic cotton and is braided into a beautiful pacifier clip with a loop.

When do you use a pacifier clip?

You use a pacifier clip when your baby is awake, click the cord on the clothes and your baby can always reach the pacifier. A pacifier clip is not suitable for in bed and during naps.

Many babies like to use a pacifier. A pacifier can satisfy the sucking need if your child needs it and the pacifier clip ensures that you no longer have to search for your pacifier, your pacifier is now always close to your baby, which is very handy.

Bibs pacifier and Oh Dubidu pacifier clip

With all pacifier clips we indicate a matching BiBs pacifier, this is a suggestion, you can of course combine a different color pacifier or a different brand pacifier.