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LIEWOOD tableware and gifts for babies

The Danish brand LIEWOOD has beautiful products for the little ones, sustainable baby and children's tableware made of PLA or silicone, silicone toys and wooden baby toys, as well as muslin cloths and cuddle cloths. LIEWOOD backpacks and a large collection of drinking bottles and lunch boxes.

LIEWOOD tableware

LIEWOOD became known with children's and baby tableware, they make beautiful tableware sets that are happy to be given as a baby shower gift. The LIEWOOD silicone tableware is a durable and strong material that is safe for babies. The range is wide, the well-known LIEWOOD trays, plates, distribution plates, cups and baby spoons and the latest PLA tableware made of bioplastic to replace the bamboo tableware.


The collections follow each other at a rapid pace, which is why we always have LIEWOOD SALE, so we make room for the latest collection. They work with 5 different drops, collections, 2 in spring and 2 in autumn, a large basic and Christmas collection. Shop now LIEWOOD SALE for these items, they will not come back.

LIEWOOD baby toys

LIEWOOD baby toys are made of sustainable materials such as silicone, natural rubber and wood. LIEWOOD makes the best teething toys, stacking towers and pretend & play toys made of silicone and teething toys made of natural rubber. Toys suitable as a gift for the first birthday or as a baby shower gift.
Every summer they have a great beach set with watering can, bucket and sand molds

LIEWOOD children's backpacks

The LIEWOOD children's backpacks are also made of sustainable material, namely rPET, recycled plastic bottles. The sturdy children's backpacks with the well-known animal characters have an extra safety strap and are a must-have for school or daycare.

LIEWOOD lunch boxes and stainless steel drinking bottles

An extensive collection with stainless steel lunch boxes with silicone lids, snack boxes made of silicone and LIEWOOD drinking bottles in stainless steel and silicone with drinking spout and straw. You can now go to school in style and choose a matching lunch box and drinking bottle with your backpack.

LIEWOOD night lights

You will find the rechargeable LIEWOOD night lights in most baby rooms, they come in many colors and all kinds of different animals Mr Panda, Mr Dove or are you more of a cat fan? A night light gives your child a safe and secure feeling and lets your child sleep peacefully

Where does LIEWOOD come from?

LIEWOOD was founded in 2015 by Danish Anne Marie Lie Nielsen, with her experience in fashion and design, she wanted to develop a new unique concept with a focus on functionality, sleek design and simple details. They develop items that last for generations, aimed at the parents and families of today. The look is simple and pure with Norwegian roots.