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Elodie Details baby products

The leading Elodie Details brand develops functional and innovative baby products. From bamboo pacifiers, pacifier cords, bamboo tableware to silver cutlery sets, unique fashionable bibs and beautiful baby blankets.
Elodie Details has a unique sense of style, color and prints, these cool prints let them come back to the different products.
The baby products from the Swedish Elodie Details are a real treat for every mom and her baby.

Elodie Details since 2005

Elodie Details is a Swedish design brand founded in Stockholm in 2005 by Linda Sätterström, shortly after her own daughter Elodie was born. She hoped to transform everyday baby products into high-quality, fashionable accessories by combining ease of use, design and sustainability.

Since then, her former hobby has grown into a design company with a wide range of innovative baby products that make your life with children even more beautiful. And each product is designed to last. By designing sustainable and multifunctional items, Elodie Details wants to promote sustainability through upcycling.

Elodie Details sustainably produced

Supporting the global goal for a sustainable fashion industry is an important part of the buying decision for many people. At Elodie Details, they do everything they can to make that decision easier. Whether it's sponsoring global initiatives on the production side or extending the life cycle of each product to the maximum.

Elodie Details has several approaches they take to these challenges. They call the first part "Upcycling" and includes multi-functionality, quality, second-hand value and a good dose of DIY spirit.
The second part “Conscious Manufacturing” is devoted to how we manufacture, ship and maintain our products and business model.


Elodie as a company was born from a DIY project (the pacifier clip) and has always kept that spirit in mind. That's why upcycling has become such a favorite aspect - it's the way to support our consumers to buy less. Click on the links below to learn more about our upcycling ambition.
“Upcycling through multi-functionality is a way of thinking for me. Every product I develop should have the potential for a second life after the original purpose has been fulfilled.

Conscious production by Elodie Details

The conventional and long-established approach to sustainability work within fashion and retail has to do with production methods. Where you produce, how to deal with logistics and which raw materials are chosen are all important aspects.
In Scandinavia there are many companies that have come a long way and challenge each other to continuously improve. Elodie Details has joined the action learning network "The Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action" to ensure they remain at the forefront.

At Elodie Details, they value the relationships they have with their producers more than anything else. The first producer in China they ever started working with was a fairly small company that received an order for 5,000 bibs from Linda in 2006. Today, the same producer is the largest and most important partner, with full containers of goods leaving every month.
The suppliers they have been working with Elodie Details over the years.

important for the end result. So by visiting and understanding each other as people, it becomes a lot easier to pursue the same goal: high quality products. And it gives everyone the same satisfaction when a project comes together or when a new product becomes a hit with our consumers. That satisfaction is the foundation of any strong relationship.