ByOn balloon and lighting children's room

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ByOn unique lighting and the wall balloon

ByOn accessories for baby and children's room; the balloons for the wall made of ceramics are a beautiful enchanting decoration, just like the children's lamps such as the moon wall lamp and the new shell lighting. We are completely in love with the new coral lamps, unique and special lamps for children's rooms.

ByOn balloon

The ByOn balloons for the wall are handmade and unique and never identical. Make a combination of different balloon colors and choose the balloon in size small, medium or large and create your unique wall decoration for baby or children's room.

ByOn wall lamps moon and shell

Wall lamp moon is an enchanting lighting for the baby or children's room, the small holes in the porcelain land allow subtle light to pass through and give you the experience of a real moon at night.
Wall lamp shell Kay and Kenda are unique wall lighting for the children's room, the natural colored porcelain gives beautiful light and the small holes provide even more atmosphere in the baby and children's room.

ByOn Sweden

ByOn is a Swedish brand based in Boras outside Gothenburg. ByOn creates contemporary Scandinavian interior design with a classic touch. Each eye-catcher brings something extra and unique to the nursery or baby room. They are fascinated by the combination of shapes and materials. Shapes that remind you of a strong affinity and shared responsibility for the world around us.