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Hoeveel BIBS spenen heeft jouw baby, de glow in the dark speen voor 's nachts zodat je baby zelf zijn speentje weer kan vinden en heb je ook al nieuwste BIBS boheme speen?
We vertellen je over het juiste gebruik, of een BIBS speen gevaarlijk is en over het natuurlijke materiaal. Lees ook waar jij als moeder op kan letten bij het gebruik van de BIBS speen dus lees gerust verder.   



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BIBS teats 100% natural rubber BPA + PVC free

The BIBS teat is a soft flexible teat, the shield is made of polypropylene and the teat is 100% rubber. BIBS teat size 1 for 0-6 months and size 2 for babies from 6-18 months.

BIBS pacifier glow in the dark

The BIBS glow in the dark pacifier is super handy, the ring lights up in the dark super nice when your baby is looking for his pacifier. The glow in the dark teats are available in black, blush and in dark vanilla size 2 and for the little ones there is a 2-pack with Vanilla & Blush.

BIBS pacifier boheme

BIBS Boheme is the latest addition to the Danish BIBS pacifier line. This refined design is born from the Danish tradition of paper cutting coasts that enchants young and old. This pacifier shape connects old traditions with new styles by combining this bohemian look with trendy colors!

Different sizes of BIBS teats

BIBS teats come in different sizes, size 1 for a baby 0-6 months, suitable from the birth of your baby and BIBS teat size 2 for babies aged 6-18 months.

  1. BIBS teat size 1 - shield 45 mm, teat height 27 mm and teat diameter 15 mm -> 0-6 months
  2. BIBS teat size 2- shield 45 mm, teat height 30 mm and teat diameter 14 mm ->6-18 months
  3. BIBS teat size 3 - shield 45 mm, teat height 33 mm and teat diameter 18 mm -> 18 months and older

How long can you use a BIBS teat?

The pacifier is made of 100% natural rubber. Use a pacifier for 4-6 weeks and then order a new pacifier that matches the age of your baby. Also immediately replace the teat when small cracks appear due to your little one's chewing needs.

Check the Bibs teat daily before you give it to your baby, pay attention to small cracks and imperfections, pull the teat well. The quality of the natural rubber will change with use, even babies without teeth can bite or gnaw on a pacifier.

Breastfeeding and BIBS teat?

The BIBS teat is the ideal teat when you are breastfeeding, the teat mimics the shape of the breast and has been developed to support the baby's sucking reflex. This round shape of the teat is also called a cherry shape. The shield is convex and bends away from the face, so the teat does not get stuck and skin irritation is less likely to occur.

Do I have to boil a BIBS teat before first use?

Before using the teat for the first time, sterilize the teat for 5 minutes in a bowl of boiled water. So first boil the water, pour water into a container and only then put the teat in it. So you do NOT cook the pacifier on the fire. When water has run into the teat, you can simply squeeze it out.

The BIBS teat can not be cleaned in a sterilizer or in the dishwasher . Drying is done on a clean cloth such as a hydrophilic cloth, not in the full sun or on a heat source, then the teat can become sticky.

Where does the BIBS teat actually come from today?

BIBS teats are the eco teat from Denmark, 100% natural rubber BPA and PVC free. A wide range of retro pacifiers in all colors from the Danish brand BIBS. An indispensable item for the baby, an original and eco baby shower gift.

Is a BIBS teat dangerous?

No, if you follow the instructions for use properly, a BIBS teat is safe and not dangerous. The teats are safe and meet the EN1400+ AI safety standard.

Do not use the teat for more than 4-6 weeks for reasons of safety and hygiene. Erosion of the natural rubber is possible. You therefore make sure that the teat is not dangerous by checking it carefully before each use.