How do you choose the right poster for a children's room?

A poster for the children's room 50 x 70 cm, no idea how many posters we have already sold but there are really thousands! A beautiful poster 50 x 70 cm for the children's room turns out not to be that easy at all, it's all about color, the right image and of course the right handwriting and the background color of the poster. The largest range is our animal posters, we also have beautiful illustrative posters and alphabet ABC posters.

Poster children's room 50 x 70 cm ANIMALS

Animal poster 50 x 70 cm for the nursery

We like to divide an animal poster 50 x 70 cm for children's room into age. For the smaller children we have posters with multiple animals in the jungle, an anteater & sloth (poster on the left in the nursery below), poster tiger wild animals, artic animals and the bestselling poster tiger (poster on the right in the nursery below), all illustrated by Rebecca Jones.

The poster with black and white animals with a gray or mint background (like the photo above) is also a very favorite poster, it can be used for both boys and girls and is also suitable for the nursery.

Poster children's room 50 x 70 cm jungle animals

The wonderful animal world of Dieter Braun, animal posters

The animal posters of 50 x 70 cm by Dieter Braun are for all children who love super cool, a dangerous wolf or lion, a stately cheetah, an impressive church owl or the poster with a collection of the African Wildlife, super suitable for the children's room.

You can recognize Dieter Braun's posters by the great use of color and the graphic illustrations, maybe you've seen one of the great animal books?

Poster children's room 50 x 70 cm animals Dieter Braun

Illustrative poster 50 x 70 for the nursery

The beautiful posters by Helen Dardik such as Wild Dream, Pretty Little Rider, Sweet thing and Scandinavian Zoo, but also the posters by Fiep Westendorp such as Poster boom and Blauw huis are super fun for a girls room. And of course the 50 x 70 cm posters by Dick Bruna, these should not be missing in a nursery.

Poster children's room 50 x 70 cm Fiep Westendorp

The poster with the sweet animals is really great fun for the little ones! All posters are only available in the specified size, so unfortunately we cannot deliver them for you in a size other than 50 x 70 cm.

Are you looking for a smaller poster for the nursery?
Then look at Posters size 30 x 40 cm .

Poster children's room 50 x 70 cm Dick Bruna Miffy

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