Maternity gift tips top 5

[[PAGE-INTRO]]The best maternity gift tips for an original maternity gift. In our previous blog we already gave you tips for an original baby shower gift and this blog we simply fill in with baby shower gift tips, we are happy to share our top 5 baby shower gifts with which you can always visit everyone for a baby shower. ]]

It is super easy for us to share the best maternity gift tips with you. Because we have been wrapping the best maternity gifts for you, family and friends for over 10 years. Maternity gift tip number 1 is not inferior to tip 5, they are really in random order and we have a story for every tip.

Maternity gift tips top 5

Maternity gift tip 1 - Wee Gallery viewing cards

For as long as PSikhouvanjou has existed, we have been selling these beautiful Wee Gallery viewing cards as a baby shower gift, which has been since 2008! Wee Gallery's sturdy art cards with rounded corners encourage your baby to look. Studies have shown that newborns can see highly contrasting images from 22-30 cm away.
The animals on the cards are printed in black and white, the front of the card is white/black and the back is black/white. Printed with soy ink on recycled cardboard. Very suitable as a maternity gift (to be sent by post).

Wee Gallery viewing cards have been one of the most given original baby shower gifts for years and we have checked the data and with 1 piece difference the jungle viewing cards and the black and white viewing cards are together at number 1

Maternity gift tip 1 Wee Gallery viewing cards

Maternity gift tip 2 Wee gallery viewing cards jungle aMaternity gift tip 2 Wee gallery viewing cards jungle b

Maternity gift tip 2 Wee gallery viewing cards black and white aMaternity gift tip 2 Wee gallery viewing cards black and white b

The image below shows how long your little one can play with the viewing cards, from 0-3 months babies can clearly see the contrasts between black and white. After 9 months they start to recognize the animals and they can enjoy playing with these viewing cards from Wee Gallery for up to 2 years.

Wee Gallery viewing cards maternity gift tip 1 different phases

Maternity gift tip 2 - Bath booklet from Wee Gallery

It will be no coincidence that tip 2 is also from Wee Gallery, a super fun magic bath book from Wee Gallery . The beautiful illustrations in the bath book take on color as soon as the book gets wet. An original maternity gift that will make every child happy (and also appreciated by brothers and sisters).

When the bath booklet comes into contact with water, the most beautiful illustrations appear. A soft and lightweight booklet for guaranteed hours of bathing fun. Perfect as a unique baby shower gift or first birthday.

Maternity gift tip 3 wee gallery bath book

Maternity gift tip 3 - 100% natural rubber bath and teething toy

Are you looking for an eco and sustainable maternity gift, this tip is really something for you. All side toys are made of 100% natural latex rubber from Hevea trees. The teething toys are absolutely safe to chew. 100% Biodegradable and CE certified. BPA, PVC, Phthalate and nitrosamine free.

Select the consciously eco-buy filter in the maternity gift category and you will shop all maternity gifts that are eco and sustainable, and there are many of them, which is very handy.
There are teething toys with a bell for extra fun from, among others, Petit Monkey , just like the super trendy teething rings from Konges Slojd , these funny quirky critters are fantastic as a baby shower gift.

The bath and teething toys do not have a hole through which mold could develop.

Maternity gift toys

Maternity gift tip 4 toys from Plan Toys

Another eco maternity gift tip because we clearly see a change with the young parents. Choosing from birth for products that are good for their baby and for this earth. The choice of material makes the big difference.

Plan Toys baby toys meet this need 100%, the toys are made of latex wood which is used for the production of hevea latex. These latex trees come from a latex plantation where these trees are written off because a latex tree cannot produce latex to the end.
So a written off "tree" is used, they try to use as many parts of the tree as possible and the rest material is burned and this energy is used again for the production of the Plan Toys toys.
Plan Toys is the only sustainable baby toy and they also make fantastically beautiful toys. The bath boat with which Plan Toys broke through in the Netherlands cannot be missed in our top 5. Because the boat is made of latex wood, it can really take a bath!

Maternity gift tip 5 BiBs teats 100% natural rubber

Especially now the BiBs pacifier in all colors! Are you looking for a hip and affordable maternity gift that will certainly appeal, then give a BiBs pacifier as a gift. This pacifier is really the hit of 2019!

Maternity gift tip 5 Bibs pacifier ECO natural

The BiBs pacifiers are made of 100% natural rubber. A bull's-eye if you're looking for an eco-conscious baby shower gift. The 100% natural pacifier is a loving gift carefully selected for your little one. Match your pacifier with the outfit of your prettiest little one.