DJECO craft sets for every age

Get creative together with the craft sets from DJECO, each set contains everything you need for a fun craft project. That's why the craft sets from DJECO are so nice to give and receive as a gift.

DJECO makes creative toys like no other, Arts & Crafts is a beautiful collection of craft supplies for children. We love to see children being creative, especially during this time now that it's so easy to crawl behind a screen. Invest in beautiful craft supplies for children and you will see how children will develop and they can of course use you tube to get inspired.

With the Arts & Crafts craft kits you can get started right away and are available for small and larger children. Perfect craft boxes for a rainy day to take on holiday or on a trip.

DJECO tinkering 1-2 years

A special line of craft toys for the little ones from 1.5 years, complete craft packages that your child can use right away. With the DJECO finger paint set, squeeze and spread, they learn how to paint, mix and paint. The nice thing is that this craft set can be used again, but it is so durable.

Or make your first collage with pre-cut cardboard pieces that are easy to tear off by little hands. The glue is suitable for toddlers from 1.5 years. With this craft package your child develops dexterity and shapes.

Coloring starts with crayons and finger paints all tested and therefore safe to put in the mouth. The super soft clay comes in jars in different colors and there are also clay starter sets with molds and tools.

DJECO tinkering 3-4 years

Fine motor skills are starting to develop and you can stimulate them. With the help of an older person, your toddler can work with a drawing template and then color the drawing beautifully with marker or watercolor.
If your child already has good motor skills, the pointillism set is a nice challenging craft set with the small sticks and paint you can make the most beautiful paintings.

DJECO mosaic milflori with small foam stickers a creative activity that many toddlers enjoy. Mosaics are precision work where you also have to look closely at the size of the stickers.

Curious about all craft supplies for this age? There is much more creative toys preschoolers .

DJECO tinkering 5-6 years

Welcome to the craft world of DJECO, an artistic world is opening up. The well-known DJECO craft boxes with glitter sand, colored sand or colored foil are available in many variants and are suitable from 6 years.
The fun muxxi move with the funny red doll is for the youngest children aged 4-8. Colored sand works with sticker cards, numbers and colored sand, the box is the receptacle and you work from dark to light.

There are also mosaic packages for this age, the paintings are completed with square foam stickers in combination with rhinestones. The card shows the correct color numbers.

View the complete range of creative toys for children aged 5 and over here.

DJECO tinkering 8-12 years

Sit back and relax because for this age there is a large and diverse range such as colored sand, glitter sand, colored foil.
And also paint by numbers, colors with patterns and by numbers with 3D glasses.

DJECO artistics are small affordable craft sets in beautiful boxes in different themes such as aqua with water beads, diams with diamonds and beads with very small beads. Children learn different techniques with these artistics.

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