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Wee Gallery koop je online, de art cards /zwart wit kijkkaarten, de knisper- en badboekjes ,de zachte speelblokken herken je aan de zwarte dieren illustraties van Surya. Wee Gallery is het merk voor unieke kraamcadeautjes en sinds 2008 in onze collectie.
Nieuw is het houten babyspeelgoed: de houten puzzels, het bamboe nesting speelgoed en de baby's first stacking tower, kleine houten stapeltorens op baby formaat..een perfect cadeautje.



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Wee Gallery black and white baby toys and books

Wee Gallery makes high quality and sustainable baby toys that stimulate your baby to develop and always made from natural materials and with respect for our earth. Wee Gallery has had a place in our range for 12 years and is still one of our favorite brands. Hundreds of viewing cards have been sent to newborn babies because it really is the perfect baby shower gift in 2008 and still is today.

Wee Gallery baby toys are educational and illustrative. The baby toys are developed together with experts in the field of baby and child development , but every baby toy must of course appeal to every baby. Wee Gallery baby toys are designed with baby development in mind but they have a much longer lifespan and are also suitable for children.

Wee Gallery viewing cards or art cards for babies

Did you know that newborn babies can see their parents and geometric black and white images from 30 to 45 cm, this fact is the basis of the Wee Gallery viewing cards . Babies are mesmerized by the high-contrast patterns used in hand-painted images of the viewing cards, also known as Art Cards . When your baby is 6 months old, they will recognize animal shapes and from 2 years old they can also name animals and pictures.

Wee Gallery Cards are printed off-set by Leo Paper Group, in China. They are made from FSC-certified cardboard and printed with soy-based ink. Soy ink is a type of ink made from soybeans, unlike traditional petroleum based ink, soy based ink is more environmentally friendly and better for little ones.

The viewing cards / Art Cards from Wee Gallery have been at the top of the top 5 of maternity gifts for years and we understand that. The viewing cards are beautiful, affordable, educational, durable and you can also play with them for a long time.

Wee Gallery crisp books and cuddly books

The images in the Wee Gallery cuddle and crisp books are in color with solid dark lines and friendly faces. Due to the large contrast, your child can see it very quickly, which is why these fabric booklets are already suitable for babies from 0 years old. With the crisp booklets, the cover and back are filled with a crisp. The booklets come in beautiful boxes and are often given as a baby shower gift.

Wee Gallery bath books

These black and white bath books are a must-have for every mom. The beautiful illustrations take on color as soon as the booklet gets wet. A special maternity gift that will make every child happy. The bath book is soft and lightweight and guarantees hours of bathing fun. A Wee Gallery bath booklet is perfect as a unique maternity gift or for a first birthday.

Wee Gallery bamboo baby toys

This bamboo baby toy is inspired by a Montessori style learning experience and also looks great as a decoration. Your little one will love how the shapes and materials spark their imagination and they can use the pieces in different creative ways, they are stackable and you can nest them, good for motor skills.

Growth charts for the nursery

A beautiful growth chart from Wee Gallery in different animal themes. Suitable for toddlers as soon as they can stand up to a height of 150 cm. The growth chart is made of a sturdy canvas cotton with a leather cord for hanging, fringe at the bottom and comes in a storage bag on which you can write the name and date of birth of the child . Also very nice and suitable to give as a maternity gift and a real eye-catcher for the baby and children's room.

Wee Gallery and sustainable materials

Wee Gallery strives to use environmentally friendly materials. That means they keep the use of plastics to a minimum and avoid materials that may contain hazardous waste, such as PVC. The viewing cards are made from FSC-certified paper and printed with soy-based inks.
The cotton products are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton, which means that there are no chemical plasticizers.
The viewing cards are sealed with plastic foil to protect them during transport, but Wee Gallery is also looking for a better alternative for this. Wee Gallery only works with manufacturers who adhere to the code of conduct regarding ecological, social and sustainable works. They must pay workers a fair wage and provide good working conditions.

Are Wee Gallery products safe for your baby?

Wee Gallery products are made with babies and their parents in mind. That's why at Wee Gallery they are committed to the safety of their products, for babies, for parents and for the environment.
All products are manufactured in small quantities by trusted partners. None of our products contain lead or phthalate

Surya + Dave from Wee Gallery

As a graphic designer with a background in chemistry, botany and zoology, Surya, along with Dave, who was a teacher, was fascinated with the idea of ​​helping a baby's brain develop. She developed the viewing cards to keep your baby busy and stimulated. When their own son started playing with the viewing cards, they discovered that the viewing cards provide:

  • Development of motor skills because the baby wants to take the cards to look at them
  • your baby's attention to listen and watch, tell your baby what is written on the card
  • That your baby will tell you what's on the cards from about 1 year old