Swedish Linens fitted sheets for cot and single

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Swedish Linens fitted sheets of the very best cotton

Fitted sheets for the crib, cot and 1 person, Swedish Linens has taken the fitted sheet to a higher level because the basis of a good night's sleep starts with a good fitted sheet. A good sheet is not just good enough, it has to be the best of the best.

Swedish Linens fitted sheet the finishing touch for every bed

A beautiful collection of baby and children's fitted sheets, the perfect finishing touch for your nursery and children's room. Swedish Linens bedding comes from Sweden and is made in Portugal. Swedish Linens wants everyone to sleep better by choosing top quality fitted sheets with the least impact on the planet.
Swedish Linens fitted sheets are made of 100% organic percale cotton, wonderfully soft and become even finer with every use. Percal cotton is made of 100% cotton and therefore also has the fine properties of cotton, it breathes and is moisture-absorbent. The fabric feels crispy and cool and stays beautiful for a long time.

Swedish Linens fitted sheets prints

Swedish Linens became known with the beautiful rainbows fitted sheet in striking colours, the second print are the beautiful refined seashells fitted sheets and new for 2020, the Swedish Linens waves are available in beautiful colours, a print with natural white and the waves of the sea, which will that wonderful sleep!

In what sizes are Swedish Linens fitted sheets?

We sell the fitted sheets in 4 different sizes that are common in the Netherlands, if you are looking for a different size, check online whether your desired size is available.

Swedish Linens 60x120 cm suitable for a baby cot,
Swedish Linens 70x140 cm suitable for a large baby cot
Swedish Linens 90x200 cm suitable for a single bed
Swedish Linens 140x200 cm suitable for a double bed
Swedish Linens 180x200 cm suitable for a double bed

New is the Swedish Linens pillowcase 60 x 70 cm , the size that is sold the most in the Netherlands.

Swedish Linens because sleeping well is important

Swedish Linens wants children and parents to sleep better, more good night's sleep ensures well-rested children and parents and more balance and more resilience. With a freshly rested head you look at everything very differently. That's why Hannah Johnsén started Swedish Linens in 2017. She found that everything became easier (and certainly quieter) after she paid a little extra attention and care to the family's sleeping environment.
Hannah studied Design & Communication at Ravensbourne College in London, she has a perfect sense of color and trends and patterns.