Raduga Grez sustainable wooden toys

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Koop Raduga Grez houten speelgoed artikelen online. De Raduga Grez regenboog in allerlei kleuren en soorten, de houten bomen, de unieke theeset en stapeltoren zijn veel meer dan speelgoed, zij heeft het houten speelgoed tot art verheven.Dit speelgoed is met veel liefde en vakmanschap gemaakt is, elke item is uniek en met de hand gemaakt in een familiefabriek in Rusland. Wij houden van dit merk en delen deze liefde graag met jou, Radua Grez speelgoed voor de liefhebber.



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Raduga Grez wooden toys from Russia

Raduga Grez makes wooden rainbow stackers, stacking towers and beautiful trees in earth colours. Stackers in the shape of mountains, waterfalls and pretend & play toys such as the tea set, wooden fruit and vegetables. This toy stimulates your child's imagination. Make your own forest with the trees in the colors of the season, pretend & play is what they see they will imitate, so pour tea and take care of it.

About Raduga Grez

Raduga Grez wooden toys are made in Russia by one family. They have their own factory where babushkas used to be made and now the most beautiful wooden toys . Through all generations, the knowledge of woodworking has been passed on and is now used to develop and produce beautiful toys. Founder Inna is the creative brain and designs the beautiful toys, her husband EvgeniI is responsible for the production.

Raduga Grez wooden toy

We have the largest online collection, all variants of the famous Raduga grez rainbow, stacking tower and tea set. The latest summer collection contains forests in summer and autumn colors with all kinds of different trees .
But also new stackers which are also an eye-catcher for the home. A new sets with wooden mushrooms and fruit and vegetables volume 2. We are already looking forward to the winter collection.

Mission Raduga Grez

Raduga Grez toys are created with the ambition to make toys as art, Toys as Art. it preserves the wood pattern and texture you see in every item. The toys are inspired by the world around us; nature and all its facets.

Where are the wooden toys made?

The toys are made by hand from lime wood or beech wood for toys for the little ones, all wood comes from Russia. They control the production from the beginning, buy trees, cut and dry them, make toys, paint and package them themselves

Are the wooden toys safe?

Raduga Grez only uses water based paint, so safe for the kids who like to put things in their mouths.

How do the toys stay beautiful?

All Raduga Grez toys are handmade, unique and can therefore differ from the photos shown. The toy can be cleaned with a damp cotton cloth, do not brush and do not use detergents. Let them dry completely after washing.
Do not place the toy near heat sources or humidifiers, the toy is made of real solid wood and is sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity.