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Nobodinoz beanbags, tipis, mattresses, pillows and SALE

Nobodinoz is a Spanish brand from Barcelona, ​​they combine class and quality at affordable prices, they make a beautiful nursery and accessories affordable. For a nice play corner, you naturally choose a tipi, a large beanbag and the storage baskets to tidy up all the toys.

The latest S2021 Nobodinoz collection online with beautiful new colors such as toffee, eden green, sienna brown and nude, colors that mix perfectly with off white and natural tones. A very small fine dot print and a beautiful shell print. With the new baby articles we are taking a new road slowly we will expand this range. The beautiful mosquito nets are also new, not only for the nursery, but also very cool for a children's room.

We have been selling Nobodinoz with great pleasure and success since 2013, the first Nobodinoz point of sale in the Netherlands is something to be very proud of. You will always find the latest collection online with us.

Nobodinoz bean bags

We love nice big Nobodinoz beanbags to sit, lie and relax on. The large beanbag is a beautiful addition to any children's room. The bean bag is filled with polystyrene and the covers are removable and machine washable.
In our opinion, the beautiful velvet Nobodinoz beanbags should not be missing in a cool children's room , the velvet velor is made of 100% recycled polyester super star and durable.

Nobodinoz tipi

In the heyday, at least 1 Nobodinoz teepee sold per day, just do the math and you come to a total of 500-600 tipi's in total, they were really hard to get hold of. The tipi hype passed and luckily the beanbags and canopies returned. For now we have limited ourselves to only the uni Pure Nobodinoz tipi .


Always spot on in terms of prints and easy to combine with each other, affordable and fun, that must be the reason why they are so popular. The Nobodinoz pillows are filled and do not have a loose cover, but you can wash them. They come in small sizes and large sizes ideal for mixing with each other.
The velvet velor cushions are available in stars, a moon and an animal cushion

Nobodinoz SALE

We don't often have Nobodinoz SALE, mainly because most prints run out and are replaced by new prints and colors. But there is of course sometimes a color or a print that does not go well on Dutch and Belgian soil

About Nobodinoz

Nobodinoz is a French and Spanish brand for babies and children and adults, founded by Murielle and Roman Bressan in 2012. Nobodinoz makes beautiful children's furniture, beanbags and mattresses and they have become very big with their beautiful teepees.
The tipi hype has passed but luckily Nobodinoz has remained, they make products that are suitable for every room in the house and for everyday life, aimed at stimulating the development of children. Original and unique designs, sustainably produced in high-quality materials.

Nobodinoz is an OEKO-TEX® class 1 certified brand

Nobodinoz carefully monitors and manages each stage of production and respects a sustainable, environmentally friendly process. All fabrics are woven, dyed and printed in Barcelona exclusively for Nobodinoz.
The baby products are made of organic cotton. OEKO-TEX® class 1 certified mark. By working hand in hand with local suppliers, they can offer the best quality products while respecting our planet for generations to come.