LisLis Toys Lab wooden toys from Ukraine

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LisLis Toys Lab is important to the development of your child

LisLis Toy Lab wooden toys where the development of the child is number 1. The toy brand LisLis Toy lab originated in the Ukraine, they make unique wooden toys which are handmade from beech wood. The designs are sleek and design without losing sight of the fun for the child.

Creative wooden toys

LisLis Toy Lab is the result of collaboration between design studio LIS and economic development agency PPV Knowledge Networks. Good toys always leave room for a child's creativity. The principle of simplicity is reflected in the design, the choice of raw materials and the production approach.

Inspirational toys for babies and children

You can choose: play together with your child or inspire to be creative in his/her own way. It's easy to make up a story around your LisLis Toy Lab toy. The children are going to build tall towers. They arrange the transportation of toy passengers in vans and there are also examples where LisLis Toy Lab's toys are painted by young children to hide from wild animals while running.

Features of LisLis Toy Lab toys

  • Natural textures of the beech wood - instead of bright colors
  • Abstract shapes - instead of intricate details
  • Hand-finished toys - instead of automated production.