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La Cerise sur le Gateau online de complete collectie: dekbedovertrek, kussensloop en hoeslakens. La Cerise sur le Gateau Oscar of Odette zijn perfect voor de kinderkamer, zo creer je in een keer een fijne sfeer. Mix en match print Oscar en Odette en combineer met de uni's van La Cerise Sur Le Gateau, zo creeer jij een fijne plek om te slapen en te relaxen die ook voor het oog fijn is om naar te kijken.

Bestel elk seizoen online de nieuwste beddengoed collectie van La Cerise Sur le Gateau, uit voorraad leverbaar bij PSikhouvanjou. 



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La Cerise sur Le Gateau bedding from France

Mix and match the most beautiful duvet covers, pillowcases and fitted sheets from La Cerise sur le Gateau and create your favorite combination for the nursery.
The name alone sounds so wonderfully luxurious and French, you already dream away to Parisian bakeries and cute bedrooms with blue shutters at the window. Or am I alone? It is not that far from reality because this new French brand literally means 'icing on the cake'. And what is the icing on the cake of a children's room? Exactly, beautiful bedding!

Mix & Match bedding for the children's room

La Cerise sur Le Gateau bed linen is that you can mix and match, single duvet covers in beautiful colors and beautiful patterns with matching pillowcases and colored fitted sheets . For example, choose a duvet cover in a beautiful color or print and a cushion cover and fitted sheet in a different print. The colors are soft but also a bit daring, perfect for the nursery. Print Oscar is a block print that you can mix with print Odette, an irregularly large dot and the colors can be combined beautifully with each other.

Print Oscar and Print Odette

We are really fans of these subtle prints, printy Oscar is a very fine grid check in a deep gray color that is really suitable for boys and girls. Color pomelo is a warm peach color for girls and the deep gray sesame is really cool for boys.

Print Odette is an irregular dot print perfect for small and bigger girls who are looking for a subtle print in beautiful colors.

La Cerise sur le gateau bags

Bags to say to you, we are fans! The toiletry bags are suitable for all kinds of purposes, use them for your baby essentials, as a toiletry bag or as a travel pouch. The bags are available in two sizes.
The weekend bag is a real practical bag for on the road or when travelling. The bag offers space for your sportswear, guest items or use it as a mom bag for your baby care. Matching toiletry bags from La cerise sur le gateau are available separately.

Sustainably produced in Portugal since 2008

La Cerise sur Le Gateau stands for practical, cheerful and colorful, a collection for daily use with an eye for sustainable production, everyone must contribute to better respect our planet and other people. Every company, large or small, has a responsibility.

La Cerise Sur Le Gateau produces in a sustainable way, with a heart for the planet and the people they work with. The bedding is made in Portugal in small textile workshops in the Porto region where they pay a lot of attention to the human aspect. They work with men and women who like to pass on their knowledge passionately from generation to generation!

Weaving, cutting, dyeing, printing, embroidery ... all suppliers are Oeko-Tex certified. This is the first label designed to guarantee the human-ecological properties of textiles.

Another goal is to waste as little material as possible so that no substance is lost. The small bags of the bedding are made from cutting waste. And the use of plastic is limited as much as possible, this is replaced by compostable or recyclable bags.

La Cerise Sur Le Gateau cares for people and the environment, which makes it a beautiful and responsible choice with a stylish appearance.

Organic Percale Cotton

La Cerise Sur Le Gateau bed linen is made of 100% organic percale cotton , wonderfully soft and becomes even finer with every use. Organic cotton is grown without those chemical pesticides such as pesticides and insecticides. For example, plant and animal waste is used to fertilize the soil and insects are used instead of pesticides. The cotton is hand-picked in the old-fashioned way to avoid the need for chemicals in the machine-picking process.

What is Percale Cotton?

Percal cotton is made of 100% cotton and therefore also has the fine properties of cotton, it breathes and is moisture-absorbent. The fabric feels crispy and cool and stays beautiful for a long time. Percal cotton has 220 threads, much more than regular cotton, and all these fine threads make the fabric feel softer, smoother and more pleasant. So the more threads, the more beautiful, softer and smoother the fabric. Oeko-Tex certified, washing instructions 40 degrees.