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Eef Lillemor children's backpacks, lunch items and baby items.

Hey you think? Eef Lillemor is sweet and in pastel shades, isn't it? Dear articles for baby and children? The latter is still true, the brand has matured not only in terms of colors but also design. You will certainly recognize the Eef Lillemor products by Eva's sweet illustrations.

Eef Lillemor since 2014

The Eef Lillemor adventure starts in 2014, Eva knows how to make the right sweet illustrations for sweet posters for the baby and children's room. Her most famous poster has to be to the moon. In the black and white hype at the time, which was really trending for every baby room, you saw a poster of Eef Lillemor in almost every baby room. That was also because Eva was one of the first accounts with her Instagram account that grew very quickly, partly due to her photos and atmosphere.

We are now years further and not only in terms of color but also in terms of design and design, Eef Lillemor has undergone a mature development and Eef Lillemor is a settled brand of Dutch soil or rather Curacao soil. Eva Lillemor exchanged Almere for Curcao in 2019 and followed her dream.

Children's backpacks

Beautiful durable children's backpacks made of rPet. Plastic bottles are recycled, shredded and spun into yarn to weave into fabric. Eef Lillemor's backpacks have their own style and twist, they are basic, solid and outspoken in terms of colour.

Stainless steel thermos flasks

A thermos bottle for children with a cooling and thermos function and keeps your drink warm or cold! The double-walled thermos flask keeps your drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. The bottle is leak-proof, an ideal bottle to take to school.
The stainless steel bottle is available in 2 sizes: a capacity of 350 or 500 ml.
The thermos flask has a gummy coating, which smells a bit like erasers and feels rubbery.

Baby rattles with a sound

The soft rattles in the shape of animals make a tinkling sound when you move it. The size and shape of the rattle ensures that babies can easily grab it. The rattles are made of a cotton knit and the color fits perfectly in the color image of today!
A rattle from Eef Lillemor, this bear rattle is an original baby toy. A cuddly toy and rattle in one, an original baby shower gift.

Eef Lillemor teething toys 100% natural hevea rubber

Super sweet teething rings with a texture, this relieves when the teeth come through. The teething rings are made of 100% natural hevea rubber, BPA free and hand painted with non-toxic paint. You can sterilize this baby toy with boiled water to keep it clean. Nice as a maternity gift, an eco choice!

Foldable crates by Eef Lillemor

Are you looking for the foldable crates from Eef Lillemor? These handy crates are made and sold under the Ay-kasa brand, Eef Lillemor gave it her own twist and thanks to her good nose for colors you can now shop these handy crates for the baby and children's room according to the latest color trends.