Crocodile Creek puzzles, lunchboxes and drinking bottles

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Crocodile Creek puzzles and drinking bottles

Crocodile Creek puzzles, floor puzzles and Crocodile Creek drinking bottles and lunch boxes. Puzzle from 48 pieces, 100, 500 and now also 1000 pieces and floor puzzles with 24 and 36 puzzle pieces. The drinking bottles are anti-spill with straw and drinking spout and the matching bento lunch boxes are also anti-spill. Let the new school year begin with the Crocodile Creek lunch items, your child is ready for every school lunch.

Crocodile Creek puzzles

Crocodile Creek has added new puzzles such as Above and Below puzzles with intersections of the earth with animals above and below the ground and vehicles or the road and in the air, a 48 piece puzzle. The 500 piece puzzles are expanded with birds and sea creatures.
There are also many new Crocodile Creek puzzles with 36 and 48 puzzle pieces, all puzzles are made from 100% recycled cardboard and are printed with vegetable inks.

Crocodile Creek drinking bottles

The Crocodile Creek drinking bottle transparent is made of tritan and has a drinking spout and a straw. The drinking bottle is leak-proof when you close the spout back in the cap. The children's drinking bottle is available with all kinds of images and especially animals such as a shark, dinosaurs and space for boys and butterflies, unicorn and mermaid for girls.

The Crocodile Creek stainless steel drinking bottle is double-walled and has a thermos function, the drinking bottle keeps drinks warm or cool. The drinking bottle is made of high-quality stainless steel AISI 304, which does not require any special coating or protection.
The lid is HDPE 2 and the cap is PP 5. All materials are fully recyclable and are free of lead, phthalates, BPA and PVC.

Crocodile Creek lunch boxes & placemats

All lunch boxes and placemats are made of polypropylene, child resistant and free of lead, PVC, BPA and phthalates.

Crocodile Creek balls

All play balls are made of natural and synthetic rubber and contain no PVC, BPA or vinyl.

About Crocodile Creek

Safety above all, the safety of the children in our world and the safety of their products are of the utmost importance. The product development team works closely with all manufacturers to ensure that our products meet all applicable safety standards.
All products are tested with third-party accredited testing labs. Certificates of Conformity for our current items can be found on the Crocodile Creek site.